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The eBook Bargain List website was established to call attention to recent eBooks from Science & Humanities Press. We are in process of converting over 150 of our original titles to popular eBook formats including Kindle (through amazon), ePub, and pdf. Books will continue to be available as the original paperbacks as well.

Lower production and shipping costs on eBooks may serve as a convenient low-risk opportunity to sample books to make acquisition decisions. Amazon Kindle, for example allows the customer to download a sample of the book for free, and you can enjoy this opportunity without even buying a Kindle, by viewing the book sample on your PC with free Kindle-reader software. Temporary Price Reductions are offered while we are in process of final editing on the eBook editions --usually fixing small typographical errors. After this process is done, we expect to sell these full-length eBooks for around $9.95. This is a chance to let readers try the books with little risk if they can live with a few typo's. 

In the table, we are listing recent offerings from many publishers that will sell at stable prices of $0.99 to $2.99, along with information links to see more details or buy the books at amazon or other vendors. This website will be advertised using resources like google adwords and the sales through this site will get small commissions from amazon to hopefully cover some of the advertising and maintenance costs. I'minviting other publishers to submit candidates for this list. Books may have low prices to introduce new authors, because the books are short, or other reasons to help promote them. sometimes self-publishers start out without the overhead of a print operation and offer "bargain books" just to get feedback from the market and get a start. Even though you can find such bargains directly at amazon, a listing here will benefit the publisher/author by offering a separately promoted marketplace. To set some standards of quality, books should be fairly recent (e.g. less than 15 years old) not be trivial in content ( say, the book should be more than about 60 pp. as a print edition). Prices should be in the bargain-book price range of $0.99-2.99. Humor is welcomed, but I obviously reserve the right to reject listing a book for any reason, completely at my disgression, such as blatant pornography "with no redeeming social value" (my standards) or material that is illegal or defamatory. 

This listing won't cost you anything, but offers an opportunity that I might choose to discontinue at any time without notice (it's an "experiment"--I have no idea how this is going to work out). Submit listings in an email, Title, Author, amazon ASIN #, year published, Genre/type (e.g.fiction, how to, travel, etc.), BRIEF description (a sentence or two), #pp if it were printed, Price, other website reference if you have one- in the format "" also a small jpg of the front cover would help. Send the email to me banis @ sciencehumanitiespress .com with the phrase "eBook Bargain List" in the title of the email. You don't have anything at risk for doing this, and if it all works out to mutual advantage, I'll keep on doing it. Maybe we can have some fun together and promote good literature.
Bud Banis, PhD February, 2010 

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