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Apple iPad Review

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As soon as Apple announced the release of the iPad, it was all anyone was talking about. All jokes about the name aside, the iPad caused a division between those who saw it as a turning point in portable computers and eBook readers, and those who saw it as simply unnecessary. Is the iPad just an expensive gadget that we don’t really need? Or is it the revolution in portable computing that we’ve all been waiting for?

Features of the Apple iPad
* Available in 16GB/ 32GB and 34GB varieties,
* Available with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G,
* 9.7 inch LED backlit display,
* Choice of 150,000 apps,
* Touch screen,
* Download free iBooks (Apple’s new eBook format),
* Multiple functions including web browsing, emails, eBook reading, video, music, calendar and more.

Pros of the Apple iPad

For those who already use and love the iPhone and iPod, the good news is that the iPad will also make use of the apps you already have, as well as giving you access to the App Store with a choice of thousands more. Many of the navigational features have also been transferred from these devices to the new iPad, making it extremely easy to use for those who are familiar with them. This includes the buttons and ports around the edges of the device.

3G connectivity is a bonus for those times when you’re outside of a Wi-Fi zone (however, you have to make sure to purchase the 3G model). 3G plans are provided through the AT&T network and do not have a minimum contract term, allowing you to keep things flexible.

There are a huge range of features available on the iPad, meaning that it is a fantastic solution for both business and pleasure. Although standalone eBook readers are including more and more features all the time, they can’t beat the iPad.

Apple iPad Tablet (64GB, Wifi + 3G)

Cons of the Apple iPad

With a backlit LED display, one of the major differences between the iPad and standard eBook readers is that this screen is not as easy on the eye. If you’re thinking of buying an iPad solely as a way of reading electronic books, then you might want to think again. However, the screen does look fantastic when using the other iPad functions.

There’s also no getting around the fact that the iPad is expensive - especially when you buy the 3G option with the added choice of a monthly data plan. However, when compared to eBook readers such as the Kindle DX, it doesn’t cost too much more considering its extra functionality.

Some are also complaining that the iPad isn’t much more than a large iPod Touch, which is certainly true on many levels. The Touch can already do most of what’s available on the iPad, and as such Touch owners may not be Apple’s target market.

Aside from these overall concerns, some other complaints also include the fact that the browser doesn’t support flash, the data plans are expensive on top of the costs of the device, and there is no camera.


The main issues over the iPad involve just where it’s place in the market really is. Many argue that most simply won’t be willing to spend $500+ on what is, essentially, an extra computer. However, for those who want the convenience of being able to carry their business and entertainment wherever they go, the iPad provides an exciting new medium.

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