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Finding Free eBook Downloads for Your eBook Reader

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One of the greatest things about getting your new eReader is that you can now take advantage of the many free eBook downloads available on the world wide web! If you are new to the world of eReaders and eBooks then here is a quick guide to getting your hands on the books.

If You Own A Kindle

Those who own a Kindle, or are thinking of getting one, should know about the ability it has to connect to the Kindle store and download eBooks in Kindle format. These are generally priced slightly lower than physical books, though you can sort the store to display from low prices to high ones and you can find many free eBooks right there! This wonít work for those who donít have a Kindle.

Finding Free eBook Downloads in Compatible Formats

Youíll need to check exactly which formats your particular eBook reader can support, but there should be many options for you as long as your reader supports some of the most popular formats (ePub, PDF and others).

One of the easiest places to start is with Project Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.org/) or Google Books (http://books.google.com/). These provide eBooks that are completely free since their copyright has expired. This means you are free to download and enjoy them on their eReader, and many of them are even available in the popular ePub format which most of the modern eBook readers support.

Augen 7-Inch E-Reader with Text-to-Speech

Some other resources you might want to check out include:
* ManyBooks.net - providing you the same books as Gutenberg etc but in more formats.
* Feedbooks (http://www.feedbooks.com/) - Allows you to specify the size of your reader to download PDF files that display correctly,
* Baen Free Library (http://www.webscription.net/c-1-free-library.aspx) - This is a great resource for books specifically from the Baen publishers of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Donít Just Stop At Free eBook Downloads!

Free eBook downloads are a great way to populate your new eReader with content, and to get some entertainment on a budget, but you should realize that all the newest titles are still in copyright and will require you to purchase them from available eBook stores.

Once you feel ready to start buying new eBooks for your device, make sure to check formats carefully and always go for compatible files. You should also follow your readerís instructions carefully in case you are required to convert any files before they work. Happy reading!

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